Made with love
in Spain

Sustainability is present in every decision and in every step of our production chain.

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We guarantee sustainability in the treatment of the leathers to make your shoes. That is why we belong to Leather Working Group.


Soles and in-sole plants

Our soles and insoles are made from recycled components. Our linings are chrome free to guarantee the absence of toxicity.


Our shoe boxes are made from recycled cardboard. We keep integrating recycled materials in all our packaging.

Our most eco-friendly line

In 2020 we launched our first collection of the Wonders Green line, made with organic fabrics or eco-friendly leathers and 100% recycled soles.

Energy use

In 2021 we grew in the use of renewable energies with the incorporation of solar panels in our factories.

Circular economy

All our shoes are made in our factories in Elche, Spain, with local workers and suppliers, thus foregoing the pollution and resource use caused by transporting goods. In this way we support the planet starting with our community and its lifelong trades.


We make shoes TO LAST. So that you can have them as long as you want. Long life to your Wonders. With the same quality, lightness and comfort as always.

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