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Go to the market, go shopping, enjoy spring terraces... always with style A-3904.

Cool, comfortable, and so light... and available at our shop online.

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New Collection Spring Summer 2015

Wonders presents…

Find out our new Fly soles, extremely light and comfortable… you will feel like flying! Let us seduce you with our suggestions for your most boyish outfits with our oxfords and derbies, that toy with neutral and shiny textures, and welcome spring with our ballerinas, designed in their trendiest versions, perfect to feel beautiful and comfortable in your day-to-day.


Smart, simple or sophisticated shapes for a perfect outfit at work, in the city or for your leisure moments. Soft leathers such as Sauvage or shiny leathers for the smartest lines, touches of vinyl, crossed straps or metallic buckles with a combination of colours in metal or animal prints. Flatforms are remarkable and a must-have for this summer.

Discover them!


Made with Love


Strawberry and chocolate

OMO-FRESA-PARA-TUS-ZAPATOS-WONDRES-SHOESI saw you behind the shopwindow. Standing right, serious, so cool. I thought of you while I was waiting at the zebra crossing. I starred at you, trying to find out if you were looking at me like I was, but I couldn’t find out. I just don’t know. So many women may pass by everyday, every hour, from time to time. So I turned my head and decided to enjoy the nice views as long as I could. For a moment, I could see myself … Continue reading

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