Tricks and Tips for taking care of your Wonders

Suede shoes are very beautiful… but sometimes it’s not easy to keep them clean. Here we have a few tricks and tips for you, that may help you to keep your Wonders looking good longer.

If your Wonders are made of suede, nubuk or split leather and they get dirty, use wet wipes to clean them. That’s a child play… Pure magic!

If you want to clean them forever, damp a cloth with water that’s had a drop of ammonia added to it and rub the shoe all over. Leave it to dry in the shade.

Are your Wonders made in leather? Want to remove a spot? Away with that dirt! Rub your shoes with a damp cloth and neutral soap, let them drey and then shine them up with a colourless polish so they match.

Do you have any further questions regarding your Wonders? Leave a comment and we will try to help you!

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