ikkelele for Wonders

We are very happy to announce our very special collaboration with Ikkelele, a jewelry firm based on love and respect for craftwork. This collaboration consists of a careful selection of earrings, available at wonders.com for those women that chase a cool and original touch in their outfit.

In love with her philosophy and care for handcraft, Wonders starts a new trip with ikkelele betting for entrepeneurs that launch special business ideas, like Lorena, the founder of Ikkelele. Besides, her bet for handcraft works as well as her selection of the highest quality materials for her earrings make us feel very identified with her.

ikkelele for Wonders

The selection of earrings of ikkelele for Wonders consists of 8 different models, but all have light and colour in common. Each of the pieces is bathed in gold with semiprecious stones and colorful enamels. In addition, they are hand painted and cut one by one, rescuing traditional processes, thus achieving a completely unique product.

  1. LITTLE MARTIN. The Fisher Martin is a typical bird of Borneo Island, with lively colours and a very long beak. A flying jewel.
  2. OUTRIGGER CANOE TURQUOISE. Inspired by Bali’s distinctive canoe.
  3. YELLOW SEA STAR. Yellow sea stars made with the technique of Meenakari that consists of embeding bright colours in metal and air drying process.
  4. GOLDEN SEA STAR. In this case, sea stars are Golden, giving the necessary light you need to shine.
  5. GILI. Gili islands are a Paradise to get lost, to swim in clear wa ter and to discover unique marine species.
  6. PORTRAID. Rectangular shape earrings, a reminiscence of a photo frame in an original red color.
  7. BALLERINAS. Dance, laught, sing, get pretty and live intensely with your Balleniras earings before the bow.
  8. YOU & ME. Earrings that join two very different geometric shapes such as a square and a circle but that coexist perfectly.

Lorena Carbonell, the soul of ikkelele

Lorena Carbonell is the woman behind ikkelele. Adventurous, lively, and enterprising. A treasure hunter who loves traveling and aunthenticity. After working many years in fashion companies, she decided to leave everything to live, together with her partner, an adventure that completely changed the direction of her life. A year traveling and discovering the world made her realized what she really wanted in life.

In that round-the-world trip came up the idea of creating ikkelele for the desire to show the world millenary techniques, the art of people who live in remote places and bringing to all craft lovers unique treasures. In each of her trips, Lorena has been building the identity of ikkelele, that represents a woman a woman who loves authenticity and values exclusivity, craftsmanship and beauty. A brand that reflects a unique personality as well as each of its original and exclusive pieces.

Discover the selection of ikkelele for Wonders.

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