Wondersfly 2019

Wondersfly 2019, a groundbreaking, innovative and superlight collection.

Wonders is a brand that bets for innovation in the production of shoes. That´s why we have developed 3 innovative lines that make the difference among Wonders shoes and the rest: Wonders Flex, Wonders Dry y Wonders Fly.

Wonders Fly line

Wonders Fly line becomes the lightest line year after year thanks to its components: An innovative elastomer that optimize extrem comfort in every shoe.

Wondersfly is a perfect pact among woman, design and technology. Its main qualities are:

  • Comfortable: Its main value
  • Light: Its surprising lighteness will make you believe you are floating while walking.
  • Ergonomic: Its design fits perfectly with the physiological conditions of your feet.
  • Resistant: These shoes are made with the best quality materials for your daily use.

Wonders Fly 2019 collection presents a great variety of styles in different colours. From the most casual like sneakers to metal and more sophisticated shoes or to classical lines like moccasins, bluchers or sandals.

Definetly, Wonders Fly styles are an everyday must for women, thanks to their versatility, lightness and comfort.

New campaign Wonders Fly 2019

We present the video we are launching this line with, where you will see in an original way, the production process, from its conception by our Design Dpt until the shoes are on your feet.

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