How to take care of your feet this winter

It's cold. And we can feel it on our feet. Covered by some thick socks or tights, our feet may not be so exposed in winter as during the summer time, but we should take care of them anyway.

These five basic tips may help you taking care of your feet during the winter:

  1. Choose proper shoes for the winter time, mostly boots or any other shoes that protect you from the cold.
  2. Protect your feet with wool socks, making sure that they do not oppress you and make you feel warm.
  3. Take home remedies, like placing hot water with salt and a few drops of oil. Then, let your feet in warm water for about ten minutes. You can either use an exfoliating cream. Then, remove all dead cells and apply a moisturizer feet.
  4. Use cotton socks after applying the moisturizer, so you help the cream penetrate more easily: your feet will thank you!
  5. Beside choosing the right shoes is very important to keep the nails properly trimmed: short, square shaped and polished.

Any other tips you want to add to these five?

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